Friday, April 24, 2015

Guess Who's Bizack!

Sorry about the sparse postings. After the last garment I posted, I got a bit ill, but it's finally under control, and I'm ready to sew.

First, I have my bra pattern together, but I've not sewn it. I also have the tutorial written on what I did, but it needs a LOT of work to be useful. Here is a preview of what I've got. There is one more page but I will upload the whole pattern once those posts are ready. 

Second, my little sewing group has gotten so big!  We're almost to 40,000 members. It looks like we may have a little giveaway when we get there. We shall see. Feel free to join us:

Third, I led my first real sew along for my group. Usually, I do themed challenges. We pick a theme, and you do anything you want with that theme. This was my first time doing a real sew along where we all completed the same project. I have been busy helping people get that proper fit. We are in the last bits. Hopefully, we will get that finished up soon and they will let me share their pics here on the blog. Mine is cut! Here's a pic of me getting ready to cut. 

Aside from that, I've got some projects planned. I want to sew the Clean Slate Pants for my son with a real fly. I've done a faux fly. Time to step things up. They are printed and taped!

I also want to sew a blazer. I have Simplicity 2446 adjusted and ready to cut. This week, Lord willin'. Going for a perfect fit with bound buttonholes and vented sleeves. Always have to try something new. Here it is adjusted and ready. (Took me an hour because my tape had an attitude problem.)

Simplicity 1427 and 1183 are also on the list, and I've bought my fabric for a mock up. It will be my first corset and first tutu skirt, but when I first saw this picture on Simplicity 1427 envelope, I decided loved it! So here is my fabric next to the view I fell in love with. Both patterns are by Andrea Schiew, and she has tips for the corset on her blog!

I also hope to make a couple quick and dirty sundresses for me, a pair of jeans for me, and some ribbon tutus for my nieces birthdays in August. 

These are my plans. Will it get done? Some of it.  Will I get distracted and probably switch out some stuff? More likely than I'm willing to admit. (I really need another question here for the Rocky and Bullwinkle cliff hanger effect I was going for, but I don't have another good question. If you've got one, leave it in the comments.). Such is the nature of the true scatterbrain!  But since the fabric is picked, it increases my chances of sticking to the plan. My sew along dress and a blazer will be done this week (unless something else strikes me). Look out for it. 

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